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        Zhejiang ShaoXing TongLi Tool Co.,Ltd is located in the Economic Development Zone of Shengzhou City. Shengzhou lies in the most prosperous, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Economic development zone of the Yangtze Delta and the Two-hour Economic Circle of Zhejiang Province. The traffic is very convenient.
        Our company was founded in 1998. It is the one of the most professional manufacturer which can make different specifications torque wrenches in china. The company is engaged in the research, development, manufacture, marketing, after-sales service for torque wrenches,torque screwdriver, compression crimping tools and pneumatic&air tools. The range of torque wrenches is up to four big styles and over sixty specifications, such as the BA type pre-setting torque wrench, TL type pre-setting torque wrench, TLB type high accuracy testing torque wrench and TLD type pre-setting torque screw driver.
        The company is accredited with ISO-9002 International quality assurance system. The key-parts imported from Japan to make products stable and durable. Now our products have been sold to many other countries and regions.
        As we know, Knowledge is widely available nowadays, manufacturing is easier and there are no secrets any more. however the hardest and most important task is MARKETING. Lets overcome this task together and open to the world with us.

        Contact Us:zhejiang Shaoxing Tongli tool Co.,Ltd.
        Address:No.18 Jiang Er Road Sanjiang Industry, Shengzhou, China.
        Tel:86-575-83367618, 83961209 Fax:86-575-83367616 M.T:013587365973
        Contact Person:Scott Yuan E-mailtonglitool@126.com leopardfeng@hotmail.com

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